Mario Kart reimagined as a real life sports league.

Racing was by far the No. 1 sport on the planet for over a thousand years since ancient Greece.

We are resurrecting it from the dead to be entertained and to murder climate change.

Similar to how Mario Kart allows a wide variety of vehicles, we allow all types of vehicles with up to a 350Wh battery and we call this sport, Mixed Racing.

MRL is BYOV - bring your own vehicle!


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1st Rule of MRL is: You do not take a car to MRL

(unless it’s charged by solar, wind or nuclear power).

2nd Rule of MRL is: You do NOT take a car to MRL

(unless you carpool with your friends, not take a rideshare).

3rd Rule of MRL. MRL has 2 divisions: MRL 000 (no battery) and MRL 350 (up to a 350Wh battery).

4th. Any vehicle is allowed as long as it adheres to the 3rd rule.

5th. You may choose a completely different vehicle for each race.

6th. MRL races don’t stop during rounds when there is a crash.

7th. MRL takes place at roller hockey rinks, arenas, and stadiums.

8th and final rule: MRL courses are figure 8.





- where the battles happen.

About MRL

“Race on Sunday, Sell on Monday”

MRL’s mission is to get Americans to ride micromobility by putting on the most exciting and engaging sporting events that also happen to be super sustainable on the planet.

MRL Commissioner


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